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  1. METAL POINT®2 Steel Shelving Unit with particle board shelves color gray

    Rivet Shelving Unit METAL POINT®2 with particle board shelves

    From $123.21
    Stability, durability, and easy boltless assembly. The composition includes 5 particle board shelves and a load capacity of up to 750 lbs per level. Learn More
  2. METAL POINT®2 extra Shelves with particle board decking color gray

    METAL POINT®2 Rivet Shelving extra shelves with particle board decking

    From $19.95
    Additional levels allow the expansion of the shelf capacity easily and affordably. Each level supports up to 750 lbs of load and includes all the elements needed for assembly. Learn More
  3. METAL POINT®2 extra Shelves with no decking color gray

    METAL POINT®2 Rivet Shelving extra shelves with no decking

    From $14.08
    Additional levels formed by beams and cross-ties without shelf decking, available in the widest variety of sizes on the market and with a load capacity of 750 lbs. Learn More
  4. METAL POINT®2 2" Wall Spacer

    METAL POINT®2 Wall Spacer

    $7.65 $6.89
    • Tie plates keep long rows aligned.
    • Wall spacers designed for seismic areas or high-narrow units.
    • All kits include hardware.
    Learn More
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