Shelving tips


Are you looking for shelving products and have questions about what product to choose? Or maybe you have questions about delivery or saving money on your shelving units? Shelving Direct provides tips and information so you know exactly what you need when shopping for you new shelving unit.

Shelving Direct Delivery Tips

Shelving Delivery Tip #1:

Planning to place a large order online? You may qualify for our special truck load rates. Please contact one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives to give you the best freight rate we can find on the market.

Shelving Delivery Tip #2:

Need to know when your shipment will be delivered? Select the "Notify before delivery" option and the trucking company will contact you 24-hours in advance to schedule a delivery time, giving you enough time to arrange for the receipt of your products.

Shelving Delivery Tip #3:

Please keep in mind that adding “Notify before delivery” adds an additional day to the standard delivery time. Once the order has arrived to the delivery terminal of the freight company, they will call you to arrange delivery during the next business day.

Shelving Delivery Tip #4:

Standard Liftgate service is not available for 96" wide units. If you are planning to place an order that includes this unit size and need liftgate services, please contact one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives to discuss delivery options and get the best price for the service.

Shelving Delivery Tip #5:

Do not forget to inspect your order while it is being delivered. Note any damages on the products at the time of delivery on the delivery receipt of the freight company to ensure a quick and free cost replacement.

Shelving Delivery Tip #6:

Once the delivery receipt of the freight company has been signed clear (not reflecting any damages), the transportation company will decline any responsibility on further inspections. Take a few minutes during deliver to inspect the order for possible damages.

Shelving Delivery Tip #7:

Express Couriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc) allow 24-48 hours after delivery to inspect the product and report any concealed damages. Please contact one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives within that time frame if you happen to found any problems in your order delivered by Express Courier.

Shelving Delivery Tip #8:

Most of our order ship by LTL freight carrier. If your building does not have a loading dock, or you do not have the equipment to move the order inside your space, you may need some additional freight services. These services and their prices are listed at checkout. Feel free to contact one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives to discuss the best delivery option for your order.

Shelving Direct Assembly Tips

Shelving Assembly Tip #1:

The loading capacity of shelving units comes from the quality of the construction and the strength of the unions. When assembling boltless shelving, don't be afraid to use a little force to hammer the components. That will increase the rigidity of the unions and improve your loading capacity and behavior of the unit.

Savings Tips for Shelving Direct Projects

Shelving Savings Tip #1:

Let us help you save money on your order. Order shelving units without particle board and get your wood shelves locally.

Shelving Savings Tip #2:

Looking for a shelving unit size not listed? Call our experienced Customer Service Representatives for all available size combinations. If the individual parts are available, we will build a special unit to meet your needs!

Shelving Savings Tip #3:

Planning to place a very large order online? You may qualify for our special high volume discounts. Please contact one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives to get the best quality at the best price you can find on the market.

Shelving Savings Tip #4:

Shelving Direct belongs to one of the largest Shelving & Racking Corporations in the World. We build anything dealing with Shelving & Storage Products, from small Shelving Units to Large Automated Steel Shelving Rack Warehouses. From small projects to large ones, we can provide you with the best service and prices on the market.

Shelving Savings Tip #5:

Over dimensioning is one of the most common mistakes when shopping for shelving units. Check what your real loading capacity requirements will be to ensure that you buy the most cost effective shelving unit to meet your needs

Shelving Savings Tip #6:

Buy all of the accessories you’ll need when placing your original order. Adding accessories to your main order will have a small effect on the freight costs. However, those accessories at a later time, especially the extra shelves will not be cost effective for you.

Tips for Selecting Shelving Direct Products

Not sure what shelving product is right for you? Shelving Direct can answer your questions and provide you with tips and tricks on selecting the right shelving unit for your home or business.

Shelving Selection Tip #1:

If you are looking for quality, METAL POINT® products is your answer. This High quality European Shelving is manufactured according to the F.E.M., the highest standard for shelving manufacturing in the world.

Shelving Selection Tip #2:

When calculating clear gaps between shelves based on the height of the unit, don't forget to include the height of the shelf. Metal Point 2 shelf levels are 1.5 inches high (including particle board shelves, wire shelves or steel shelves). Metal Point Plus units are 3.5 inches high (including particle board shelves and wire shelves) or 3.25 inches high (including steel shelves).

Shelving Selection Tip #3:

All width/depth dimensions provided for METAL POINT® units are "inside" dimensions. Please add 1/2' to width and depth to get overall dimension.

Shelving Selection Tip #4:

Please note that if the Stock No. on a METAL POINT®PLUS shelving unit begins with NMP-, center particle board supports are not included. Due to the high quality of the Shelving Unit and its construction, they are not neccessary to reach high loading capacities on small units.

Shelving Selection Tip #5:

Have a sprinkler system in your space and want to meet the fire requirements? Then wire decking shelves are the right choice for you. Wire decking shelves increase visual access on the rear shelves, increase ventilation and reduce cost of insurance while increasing sprinkler penetration.

Shelving Selection Tip #6:

Do not constantly change the location of your products; take the shelving unit with you. Do not miss our selection of Mobile Shelving Units and Carts.

Shelving Selection Tip #7:

Shelving Direct offers a good selection of Galvanized Shelving units for those high humidity environments. A 19.5 µm galvanized coating makes the shelving unit corrosion resistant, so ideal to be used outside or inside coolers and freezers.

Shelving Selection Tip #8:

Save when you bundle and order our Office Storage Units with Corrugated Boxes included. We offer the largest selection of shelving units specifically designed to store file boxes.

Shelving Selection Tip #9:

We suggest ordering extra boxes for your record storage units at the time of your order. That will bring considerable savings on your freight costs.

Shelving Selection Tip #10:

Lead free paint coating on all METAL POINT® shelving units.

Shelving Selection Tip #11:

Customers ordering extra shelves for Chrome Wire Shelving Add-on units should order two S-Hooks to join the shelves to the starter unit.

Shelving Selection Tip #12:

Please specify color choice when ordering bins. One color per carton. Additional fees apply for multiple colors per carton. If color is not selected, we will send blue bins.

Shelving Selection Tip #13:

Does your order include plastic bins? Don't forget to order dividers and windows to increase the storage capacity of your bins.

Shelving Selection Tip #14:

All our plastic bins and containers are US manufactured from FDA approved polypropylene. They are waterproof, impervious to most chemicals and resistant to grease or oil.

Shelving Selection Tip #15:

Reusable Stack and Nest Totes allow you to increase your storage space without the need of a shelving unit.

Shelving Selection Tip #16:

If you are looking for high loading capacities turn to the Warehouse Rack Shelving section.

The design your own unit allows customers to customize the perfect unit for their storage needs.

Shelving Selection Tip #17:

Installation of Bulk Rack products is easy and very convenient. The frames ship pre-assembled, so all you will have to do is snap the beams into the frames and lock the safety pins into place.