Heavy Duty Workbenches

A workspace should be a space where we can carry out our tasks. When we work comfortably, we can be more productive and, therefore, we can achieve our objectives faster and with higher standards of quality.

Numerous factors must be taken into account when making the right workbench. One of the most important factors should be considering the weight it must be able to handle: when we manipulate heavy loads we need to make sure our equipment is ready to perform under those demanding circumstances.

For that purpose, in Shelving Direct we offer a wide range of heavy duty workbenches that will help you achieve your goals. Our workbenches and tool benches were designed to be the perfect companion even under weighty conditions to make your life easier. They are perfect for industries, workplaces, garages and even households because they combine a sturdy construction with an ergonomic design and resistant materials.

Make the most out of your work station with our customizable heavy duty workbenches. Work comfortably. Be inspired. Unleash your creativity. Our heavy duty workbenches can resist that and much more.

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  1. METAL POINT®PLUS Workbench

    METAL POINT®PLUS Workbench

    From $119.06
    Robust and ergonomic, this workbench is suitable for manual tasks that require standing. Improve the efficiency and profitability of your warehouse, workshop, retail shop or industrial business. Learn More
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