Heavy Duty Steel Shelving

Whether you need heavy duty steel shelving for bulky loads or vertical hand-pick item storage, we have the solution that best adapts to your products.

Metal Point shelving for heavy loads is a universal storage system, with direct access to goods and maximum adaptability to any load type. Manufactured with top quality materials and finishes, our steel shelves ensure efficient storage. Store up to 1,850 lbs per level.

Our shelves offer the most cost-effective way to optimize your available space. Streamline order preparation, keep inventory organized and stay a step ahead in project or order preparation. Both their DIY installation and simple maintenance make these heavy duty steel shelves a perfect choice for your storage needs.

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  1. Bulk Rack - Starter Bay

    Bulk Rack - Starter Bay

    From $180.24
    Bulk racks are designed for storage areas in which goods are handled manually instead of being transported on a pallet. Thanks to the “Z” beam design, it can accommodate wire decking, galvanized steel panels, or particle board with almost twice the load capacity per level compared to standard bulk rack shelving units. Learn More
  2. Bulk Rack - Add-on Bay (with No Decking)

    Bulk Rack - Add-on Bay (with No Decking)

    From $129.12
    The add-on units for heavy loads are the fastest, most inexpensive and safest way to expand your shelving capacity. They include the components needed for assembly, with three load levels without decking. Learn More
  3. Bulk Rack Shelving Units with Steel Decking

    Bulk Rack Shelving Units with Steel Decking

    From $307.98
    An ideal system for storing boxes and bulky or heavy products such as barrels, tires, tools, etc., with a load capacity of up to 2,500 lbs per level. Learn More
  4. Bulk Rack - Add-on Bay (con estantes)

    Bulk Rack - Add-on Bay (with Steel Decking)

    From $256.86
    It includes all elements needed to create new units for your heavy-duty shelves, expanding their capacity affordably and conveniently. Learn More


    From $396.38
    An ideal solution for storing heavy loads such as pallets with a load capacity of up to 5,000 lbs per level on a teardrop pallet rack shelving unit. Learn More
  6. Pallet Rack - Add-on Bay


    From $300.31
    Pallet rack add-on units allow you to increase shelving capacity by adding as many new base units as needed, with the same quality but at a lower cost. Learn More
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