Industrial Workbenches

Workbenches are ideal for creating extra work surfaces within the office, warehouse, garage or workshop (either household or business). Our industrial workbenches were designed based on the expertise of an internationally known storage system, Metal Point by Mecalux, and this ensures both the quality and resilience of all its components.
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  1. METAL POINT®PLUS Workbench

    METAL POINT®PLUS Workbench

    From $125.68
    Robust and ergonomic, this workbench is suitable for manual tasks that require standing. Improve the efficiency and profitability of your warehouse, workshop, retail shop or industrial business. Learn More
  2. METAL POINT®PLUS Workstation

    METAL POINT®PLUS Workstation

    From $239.02
    This set up provides both a solid work surface and additional storage space for tools. Keep materials in order and within reach. Learn More
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The perfect surfaces for your work and creativity

When we feel comfortable, we give our best. If we are not at ease, working or crafting anything becomes unpleasant and discouraging. That is why workbenches have such a significant role in our workspace and in the creation of our projects. 

If you are looking for a workstation where you can be productive and unleash your ideas, we have the best selection for you. You only need to choose which one is the right one for you and let the concepts flow with the best foundation.


  • Their high quality materials ensure a long-lasting performance
  • Highly durable particle board surfaces able to hold heavy loads
  • Choose from a wide range of different sizes and configurations (customizable for your specific needs)
  • Depending on its configuration you can have a footrest piece or some extra shelves on the lower section
  • Drawers and other assets can be installed for the best and most reachable storage
  • Can be turned into a movable table with an optional set of wheels
  • Quick, convenient, bolt-less assembly

When to use workbenches

Creating is not an easy job. It does not matter if you need to physically craft something or if you have to sit down by your computer, having the right workbench can do wonders with your productivity. You need your space, you need to be relaxed and you need to have your tools available in order to be more inspired.

Make the most of your workspace with a workbench specially designed for your needs. Every activity is different, but there is a workbench for all of them.


Our workbenches and all their accessories are easy and quick to install with a convenient boltless assembly. The only tool you need is a rubber mallet to click together the pieces in some cases.

Detailed instructions are provided when purchasing all our workbenches, with step-by-step directions for their assembly.


All our workbenches are subject to rigorous tests and trials that guarantee the safety of the units and all their components/accessories, even under heavy-duty conditions.

We guarantee the stability of our benches, even on those with wheels for a mobile configuration (they include secure breaks to lock them and prevent them from unexpectedly moving).


  • It is possible to install a lower shelf in workbenches that can be used for storage when used for activities that must be endured standing up.
  • When the activities take place sitting down, a footrest can be installed for a more ergonomic position.
  • Practical wheels can be incorporated when the workbench requires mobility.
  • You can also add drawers along the entire length of the bench or any other arrangements.
  • An additional steel panel and more storage for tools can complete your station. Keep your utensils in order and within reach for a better performance and an easier manufacture.
  • Tool bench accessory kit: its perforated panel is ideal when storing tools such as open-ended wrenches, ratchet ring wrenches, Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, and more.
  • Stackable bin rails for tool panels hold bins in order to maximize the storage capacity and, at the same time, keep small pieces and tools organized and within reach.
  • Work tool chests: Keep your tools organized and in the same place. In addition, it generates an extra work surface, which can be very valuable especially in small spaces.


There is a plastic accessory that can be installed to protect the legs at the base. It shields both the structure of the workbench and the pavement, plus it provides more stability to the bench on certain materials.