Heavy Duty Rivet Shelving Unit with Particle Board Shelves

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Estimated manufacturing lead time 1 - 9 weeks
Handy shelving with 3 load levels and a capacity to hold up to 1850 lbs per level. Easy installation and high-quality finishes.

Boltless shelves: low-cost with optimal results

Rivet shelving is one of Shelving Direct's classic models. It is widely used due to its easy assembly and ability to adapt to any space and load type (it can hold up to 1850lbs per shelf).

The distinctive feature of the boltless shelving is the quality of steels and paints used, ensuring the safety of the installation, its strength, and durability.

Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, the heavy-duty Metal Point Plus boltless shelf adapts to all types of uses, either in warehouses, offices, stores or workshops.


  • Quick boltless set up in 6 easy steps, with the help of a rubber mallet. Color 3D assembly instructions provided.
  • Double rivet beams at each level for enhanced rigidity.
  • No rust electrostatic epoxy-polyester lead-free powder coat finish, which makes it tough and resistant to abrasions, corrosion, and fire.

Product applications

Rivet shelving metal point plus units are the ideal shelving options for office spaces, garages and small warehouses to store any light to medium loads.

Unit Includes:

4 x Vertical bracket posts
1-7/8” x 1-7/8” Angle posts are made out of 14-gauge steel that comes with punchings that allow double rivet cross beams to adjust every 1-1/2”.
4 x Caps
Each shelving unit comes with plastic caps and footplates to provide top and bottom coverage for the vertical bracket posts..
3 x Particle Boards
5/8” thick, pre-cut particle boards to fit your shelf levels.
3 x Center supports
Center supports are ties that connect to the front and back cross beams in the middle of the level to offer additional support. These ties only offer extra support on 72”, 84” and 96” wide metal point plus load levels.
6 x Cross Beams
14-Gauge double rivet cross beams connect to the rivet vertical bracket posts in the front and the back. Shelf levels are adjustable every 1-1/2”
6 x Side beams
Double rivet side beams that connect to the rivet vertical bracket posts on the ends. Shelf levels are adjustable every 1-1/2”.


  • Bracket post 1-7/8” x 1-7/8”
  • 14-gauge posts and beams
  • Adjustable shelf levels every 1-1/2”
  • 5/8" thick M2 industrial grade heavy-duty particle board shelves.

Shipping and Handling

The boltless shelving metal point plus unit with particle board shelves is eligible for a standard freight carrier’s lift gate on select items for an additional charge. Please see our Shipping Information page for additional details.

More Information
More Information
AvailabilityEstimated manufacturing lead time 1 - 9 weeks
Height120 '', 60 '', 72 '', 84 '', 96 ''
Width36 '', 48 '', 60 '', 72 '', 84 '', 96 ''
Depth12 '', 15 '', 18 '', 24 '', 30 '', 36 '', 48 ''
Max shelf weight1,000 lbs, 1,100 lbs, 1,850 lbs
MaterialAgglomerate, Metal
Used forStorage, Heavy loads
Product layout3 levels
Assembly instructions
Heavy Duty Rivet Shelving Unit with Particle Board Shelves

Consult and download for free assembly instructions manual in PDF format:

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