Heavy Duty Rivet Shelving Extra Shelves with Particle Board Shelving

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Estimated manufacturing lead time 5 - 7 days
Additional levels allow the expansion of the shelf capacity easily and affordably. Each level supports loads up to 1850lbs and includes all the elements needed for assembly.

Adapt the boltless shelving to changing uses by adding extra levels

The capacity of the boltless shelves can be easily extended by adding additional levels. Like all other shelving elements, the levels fit snug together when assembled.

They are available in a variety of depths and widths, which perfectly adapt to existing shelves. Each level includes the components needed for proper installation: double rivet beams at each end to facilitate joining them flush at the corners; two cross-ties that serve as side supports, increasing the load capacity of the shelves; a center support brace with appropriate shelf width; and a 5/8” thick chipboard panel, which together with the beams comprise the assembly supporting the load units.


  • Extra levels can support a weight of up to 1850 lbs. Ideal for all kinds of heavy loads.
  • Additional levels are available in a variety of sizes, to adapt to all variations offered by the Metal Point Plus shelving system.

Product applications

Heavy duty rivet Metal Point Plus shelving units are the ideal shelving options for office spaces, garages and small warehouses to store any light to medium loads.

Unit Includes:

1 x Particle Boards
5/8” thick, pre-cut particle boards to fit your shelf levels.
1 x Center supports
Center supports are ties that connect to the front and back cross beams in the middle of the level to offer additional support. These ties only offer extra support on 72”, 84” and 96” wide metal point plus load levels.
2 x Cross Beams
14-Gauge double rivet cross beams connect to the rivet vertical bracket posts in the front and the back. Shelf levels are adjustable every 1-1/2”
2 x Side beams
Double rivet side beams that connect to the rivet vertical bracket posts on the ends. Shelf levels are adjustable every 1-1/2”.


  • 5/8" thick M2 industrial grade heavy-duty particle board shelves.
  • 14-gauge beams and cross ties
  • Adjustable shelf levels every 1-1/2”
  • Double rivet beams at each level

Shipping and Handling

The heavy-duty rivet shelving metal point plus extra shelf with particle board decking is eligible for a standard freight carrier’s lift gate on select items for an additional charge. Please see our Shipping Information page for additional details.

More Information
More Information
AvailabilityEstimated manufacturing lead time 5 - 7 days
Width36 '', 48 '', 60 '', 72 '', 84 '', 96 ''
Depth12 '', 15 '', 18 '', 24 '', 30 '', 36 '', 48 ''
Max shelf weight1,000 lbs, 1,100 lbs, 1,850 lbs
MaterialAgglomerate, Metal
Used forStorage, Boxes or totes, Heavy loads
LocationWarehouse, Factory, Workshop
Product layout3 levels
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