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Heavy Duty Rubber Mallet


  Mecalux Reliability  50 years of experience.

Mecalux Reliability

50 years of experience.

  Greater Quality Long-lasting strenth and durability.

Greater Quality

Long-lasting strenth and durability.

  Greater Convenience   Ergonomic design.

Greater Convenience

Ergonomic design.

A rubber mallet to safely assemble your shelves

The white rubber mallet is the essential accessory to set up all Shelving Direct boltless products, so all you need to do is tap pieces into position: the Metal Point shelving system, tables and workbenches, and metal cabinets for change rooms.

The rubber headed mallet allows the assembly of these items without fear of damaging its metallic structure. By using the rubber mallet, the pieces fit together easily without even a scratch since it's a soft material that does not damage the paint or alter materials.


  • The rubber mallet is the only tool recommended for assembling boltless shelving.
  • It makes the assembly of the various pieces safe and easy.
  • It’s ergonomic handle which is lightweight and smooth.

Technical details:

Material Wood, Nylon
Used for Maintenance
Location Warehouse, Factory, Workshop

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