Bulk Rack - Extra Shelv Steel Decking

From $68.61
Ships from Melrose Park, IL within 3-5 weeks.
The set includes the parts needed to configure extra levels with galvanized steel panels for storage or picking of heavy loads.

Additional shelves for heavy duty racks with multiple uses

Heavy-duty racks can incorporate additional shelves to increase storage area. Thanks to the perforated struts, the height of levels can be adjusted every 2".

Each additional level comprises two beams and galvanized steel panels, the width and number will depend on the length of the level. Consult our technical team to choose other materials: particle board or wire mesh.

Depending on the widths and depths, each level can handle a weight of up to 2,500 lbs.


  • Add as many levels as needed, adapting them to the type of product to be stored or handled and maximizing the space.
  • Shelves made out of metal panels are ideal for picking tasks.
  • All components of additional level are made of high-quality, durable materials.
More Information
More Information
Delivery termShips from Melrose Park, IL within 3-5 weeks.
Width48 '', 60 '', 72 '', 84 '', 96 ''
Depth24 '', 30 '', 36 ''
Max shelf weight1,975 lbs, 2,200 lbs, 2,500 lbs
MaterialAgglomerate, Metal
Used forStorage, Heavy loads
LocationWarehouse, Factory, Workshop
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