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Simple, low-cost safety components that link the different heavy-duty shelving units helping to properly align and space them and increase their stiffness.

Tie plates between units reinforce the stability of the heavy-duty shelves

Tie plates joining heavy-duty shelving units are specially designed for Metal Point boltless shelves, which are characterized by their quality components, easy assembly, and adaptation to all uses in warehouses, offices, stores, workshops, etc.

When you want to join two or more shelving units, it is advisable to use tie plates, which help the alignment and spacing of units while ensuring the rigidity of the unit lengthwise. Four tie plates are needed to join two Metal Point Plus shelving units.

The shelves can be joined at the front, creating an aligned unit, or at the side of the frame to set up and secure double shelves.


  • Set of 4 Tie plates to join 2 Metal Point® Plus units.
  • Tie plates are very helpful to keep row alignment in large installations.
  • Tie plates between units can be complemented by other accessories available to bolster rigidity and safety, such as single or double metallic feet to anchor the shelf to the floor and spacers to fix the shelves to the wall.
  • Tie plates between heavy-duty units are manufactured in the same color as the posts, in RAL 5019 blue, creating a uniform looking unit.
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More Information
AvailabilityEstimated manufacturing lead time 5 - 7 days
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