Bulk Rack Storage Steel Decking

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Estimated manufacturing lead time 7 weeks
Bulk rack decks are supported on bulk rack storage "Z" beams.

Galvanized steel decks are supported on Bulk Rack "Z" beams.

Each level is made up of bulk rack galvanized steel decking that fits onto the edge of the beams. Their shaped flanges on the front and rear parts allow connectivity on bulk rack “Z” beams. This will not allow the beams to separate under any circumstances.


  • Decks provide greater rigidity to the bulk rack unit
  • Flat / smooth loading surface across span of shelf levels
  • 12” wide individual decks
  • Side connectors / holes to enable connection of multiple decks
  • Easy assembly on bulk rack “Z” beams

Product applications

Bulk storage racks are the perfect solution for garage or warehouses that need to store spare parts, totes, or any medium duty load.

Unit Includes:

  • Galvanized steel decking. Depending on the width of the bulk rack storage unit.
    • 4 each - 48” wide load levels
    • 5 each - 60” wide load levels
    • 6 each - 72” wide load levels
    • 7 each - 84” wide load levels
    • 8 each - 96” wide load levels


  • 22 GA, galvanized steel
  • Interlocking vertical edges
  • Steel deck depth will be equal to the frame depth.
  • For non-seismic areas only

Shipping and Handling

The bulk rack storage steel decking is eligible for a standard freight carrier’s lift gate on select items for an additional charge. Please see our Shipping Information page for additional details.

More Information
More Information
AvailabilityEstimated manufacturing lead time 7 weeks
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