Estimated manufacturing lead time 9 weeks
An accessory for heavy-duty Metal Point shelving units, which allows their attachment the wall and ensures their stability.

Wall spacers secure heavy-duty shelves

Heavy-duty Metal Point shelves are designed to store products with the utmost safety, both for workers in the warehouse and the load itself.

That’s why the system includes practical spacers for attaching the shelf to the wall and ensuring stability. Its use is always recommended, but especially when shelves are more than 6' high.

They are easily inserted into the angular shelf, thanks to small hooks that remain latched into the narrowest part of the perforated slots along the entire profile.


  • Set of two 3" or 5" galvanized wall spacers. Hardware included. 2 sets per unit recommended.
  • Specially designed for seismically active zones. They are also very helpful to maintain safety standards on high narrow units
  • Increase the safety of the Metal Point boltless shelves easily and at a reasonable price.
  • Available in two sizes, 3" or 5", to choose the optimal distance between the shelf and the wall.
  • They include a safety pin that prevents the movement of the wall spacer from possible blows to the structure.
More Information
More Information
AvailabilityEstimated manufacturing lead time 9 weeks
Depth03 '', 05 ''
MaterialGalvanized Metal
Used forStorage, Light and medium loads, Safety
LocationWarehouse, Factory, Workshop
Product layout2 units
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