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Estimated manufacturing lead time 1 - 8 weeks
Pallet rack uprights allow pallet rack beam shelf adjustments at every 2" increments. Pallet rack uprights are available in different heights and depths to adapt to your specific project application use.

Assembled teardrop uprights for pallet racks

Pallet rack uprights allow shelf levels to be adjusted at two inch increments.Teardrop perforations are located on the front, whose purpose is to fit pallet rack beams together.

Shelving Direct offers different variations of racking uprights. Choose your desired frame height and depth to design your own starter pallet racking shelving. Each bolted teardrop upright comes preassembled with posts, diagonal struts, and foot plates.


  • Assembled, bolted teardrop pallet rack upright frame

    • Posts
    • Galvanized struts
    • Footplates
  • Specifications
    • 3” wide column
    • 14 GA
  •  Cataphoresis painting process
    • Long lasting paint finish with anti-corrosion
  •  For non-seismic areas only
  • RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institute) Certified

Shipping and Handling

Assembled pallet rack uprights will not fit on a standard freight carrier’s liftgate. This product must be removed off of the freight carrier’s truck with a forklift.

More Information
More Information
AvailabilityEstimated manufacturing lead time 1 - 8 weeks
Height96", 120", 144", 168", 192", 240"
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