Metal Shelving

Metal shelving units are the best option when you need strong, multipurpose storage. As a universal system that gives you direct access to your goods, these shelves can be adjusted to your storage loads, i.e. different arrangements, features, accessories etc.
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  1. METAL POINT®PLUS Record Storage Quick Access without boxes

    METAL POINT®PLUS Record Storage Quick Access without Boxes

    From $166.89
    Boltless heavy-duty shelving that provides an optimal, low-cost solution to keep all types of documents or products in order. It has a load capacity of up to 1,325 lbs per level. Learn More
  2. METAL POINT®PLUS Record Storage Super Savers with PRO2 boxes

    METAL POINT®PLUS Record Storage Super Savers with PRO2 boxes

    From $243.81
    Boltless heavy-duty shelving designed to maximize the capacity of filing boxes and to accommodate two units in depth and height. Learn More
  3. METAL POINT®PLUS Record Storage Super Savers without boxes

    METAL POINT®PLUS Record Storage Super Savers without boxes

    From $152.55
    Heavy-duty boltless shelving designed to maximize the storage of filing boxes that holds two double-deep stacked boxes. It has a load capacity of up to 1,325 lbs per level. Learn More
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Metal shelving: for every load, for every environment

When you are in the market for a shelving unit, there are many different options, materials etc. to choose from. To ensure you get the best performance from your installation, with long-lasting results, consider setting up a steel shelving solution.

Whether you are looking for a robust, versatile shelving unit to store heavy or bulky loads, or you just want to store packages or documents, there is a metal shelving solution that is right for you.


  • Durable and resistant
  • Adjusts to almost any storage need
  • Direct access to goods
  • Maximum visibility and traceability of stock
  • Store up to 6,610 lbs per level
  • Easily installed and maintained
  • Adaptability and scalability
  • Make units movable with rolling casters to maximize your available space and improve usability

When to use Metal Shelving

Undoubtedly, metal (or steel) shelving units are one of the most popular solutions for a wide variety of storage needs, from heavy or odd-sized loads to lighter/smaller ones. This adaptability makes them perfect for your garage, home or workplace, as well as any industrial setting.

Take your storage area to the next level. Whether you need to maximize your space, have quick access to stored goods or just a sturdy shelf, these metal shelves can be tailored to your space purposing.


At Shelving Direct, we believe storage should be effortless. Our metal shelving units are quick and easy to install, requiring next to no tools to put them together. The whole DIY process is uncomplicated and user-orientated.

Detailed instructions are included with each purchase, with step-by-step directions on how to assemble the metal shelves.


All our materials are subject to rigorous testing, which guarantees the safety of the shelves and their resilience, even under heavy-duty conditions.

For a more secure system and increased stability, fix your units to an appropriate floor or wall surface using our shelf anchoring and spacers.


Fully use your new shelf space through our huge array of available accessories. Not only are our storage units easily extendable with add-ons like auxiliary shelves, but you can also personalize your storage system with:

  • Wire shelves for better ventilation, hygiene and product visibility.
  • Casters designed to create rolling shelf units.
  • Vertical storage dividers for glass panels, films, printing plates and paints, etc. The smooth finish of these specialized vertical bars means no damage to any stored surface, even with the heaviest loads.


  • Not every unit can hold the same weight or container type, so be sure to check the specifications of each product.
  • Some shelves need a rubber mallet to be assembled (*available for purchase on
  • Combine these hand-stack shelving units easily with other storage solutions.