Wire Shelving

Shelving Direct offers one of the largest online selections of NSF-approved chrome wire shelving units and equipment.

Craft your own racks choosing among a wide variety of dimensions and dispositions and complement them with any of our multiple accessories in order to create your perfect wire shelving solution.

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Wire shelving: when hygiene and design go together

Sometimes, some matches just seem to be made in heaven. Our wire storage racks are the perfect combination of safety and visually attractive structures for both professional and personal storage.

Not only are these shelves reliable when handling delicate materials, they are also sturdy and aesthetically appealing. Their characteristics make them the ideal base for a large diversity of purposes and needs: chemical products, food, tools, clothes…


  • Their NSF certification makes them perfect for sensitive matters: health care & pharmaceutical, food services…
  • Increased visibility and access to the goods, which means improved control over your stock, especially with slant shelving
  • Improved ventilation, critical on humid environments. Their shape also reduces dust accumulation
  • Its long-lasting nickel-chrome finish makes them more durable and also eye-catching for retail and particular environments
  • Over 500 modular combinations available
  • Versatile and scalable in case of growth
  • Improved sprinkler penetration, making them safer and reducing cost of insurance
  • Easy to maintain
  • Safe even under heavy-duty conditions

When to use Wire Shelving

This system is a complete solution. Whether you are looking for a certified and hygienic installation, a high level of ventilation with easy access to the goods or an iconic piece of industrial design, our wire shelving is the answer you are looking for.

From large warehouses to personal pantries, these structures are a highly dependable storage system for very different installations and needs.


Setting up our wire racks is a simple process. Their assembly is easy and no special tools are required. In fact, attaching the racks to the walls can be the most time-consuming part of the installation since they need to be secured tightly for a better stability and durable results.

Detailed instructions are provided when purchasing these chrome wire shelving units, with step-by-step directions for their assembly.

Safety: What is NSF?

NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) provides a certification that guarantees the safety and cleanliness of chrome wire units. All our wire shelves are NSF-approved.

They can store sensitive products such as food or medicines since their surface ensures they stay free from bacteria and contaminants. This feature provides a protection for merchandise and customers, as well as (for?) the possible workers operating the shelving (if that is the case)

All our wire racks and their accessories meet this standard of quality and, therefore, they are the perfect option for storing goods that need a special care and safe conditions.


Our chrome wire shelving can be customized with a wide range of add-ons such as:

-          Slant ledges: for a better visibility and rotation of items

-          Wire bins: containers for separate storage

-          Casters: improve the mobility of the shelving

-          Dividers: create different spaces within the ledges

-          More ledges: add more levels depending on the items contained

-          Others


  • We recommend attaching your wire rack to the wall in order to secure them and avoid unexpected malfunctions
  • Make sure to check the weight and size specifications, especially when you need to keep your wire racks mobile with casters for a space maximization and practicality.