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  1. METAL POINT®PLUS Workbench

    METAL POINT®PLUS Workbench

    Robust and ergonomic, this workbench is suitable for manual tasks that require standing. Improve the efficiency and profitability of your warehouse, workshop, retail shop or industrial business.

  2. METAL POINT®PLUS Workbench with foot rest

    METAL POINT®PLUS Workbench with foot rest

    A multi-functional, durable, ergonomic worktable ideal for both home and business settings. It includes a solid particle board work surface.

  3. METAL POINT®PLUS Workstation

    METAL POINT®PLUS Workstation

    This set up provides both a solid work surface and additional storage space for tools. Keep materials in order and within reach.

  4. METAL POINT®PLUS Workstation with foot rest

    METAL POINT®PLUS Workstation with foot rest

    Designed primarily for performing tasks that require sitting, as in jewelry workshops or for hobbies such as model making, as well as for storing files or tools.

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