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  1. METAL POINT®PLUS Tie Plates


    Simple, low-cost safety components that link the different heavy-duty shelving units helping to properly align and space them and increase their stiffness.
  2. METAL POINT®PLUS Floor Anchors

    METAL POINT®PLUS Floor Anchors

    A handy low-cost accessory used to level shelves, ensuring their stability and that of the load.
  3. METAL POINT®PLUS Metallic Feet_1

    METAL POINT®PLUS Metallic Feet

    A low-cost accessory that ensures the stability of the shelf by attaching them to the floor and distributing the load better over the floor.

  4. METAL POINT®PLUS Wall Spacer

    METAL POINT®PLUS Wall Spacer

    An accessory for heavy-duty Metal Point shelving units, which allows their attachment the wall and ensures their stability.

  5. Heavy Duty Rubber Mallet

    Heavy Duty Rubber Mallet

    The rubber mallet is the only tool recommended for assembling boltless shelves by Shelving Direct, because it does not damage the structure or the painted finish.
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