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Metal lockers

Our metal lockers create a safe, unique space for all your personal storage needs. Different available sizes and models fulfill any compact stowing and design requirements, through excellent materials for long-standing usage. Easy to maintain and highly-resistant, no setting should do without them.

Simple, stylish and secure

Do you need a new locker room? Are you thinking about renovating your warehouse? Good news, changing your pre-existing lockers or creating a new space with our metal lockers may be more affordable than you thought!


  • Optimize every inch of space
  • Cold-rolled steel components are fast and easy to clean
  • Prevent robberies with our quality locking systems
  • Flexible, modular configurations
  • Compact, attractive design
  • Quality construction at affordable prices
  • DIY boltless assembly /li>
  • Multiple available colors for better space styling
  • Improve air circulation with built-in vents
  • Legs on the units conveniently raise the lockers

When to use Metal Lockers

Picture a factory, a gym and a school… What do they all have in common? The need for private storage spaces. When personal possessions need safekeeping while you work, do sports, study, etc., rely on a dependable storage system that will protect your belongings.

Find the ideal locker combination (e.g. model, size, etc.) from Shelving Direct’s product selection. Purpose a space with your needs in mind, using our modular lockers for safe, individualized storage.

Our metal lockers enhance storage in:

  • Gyms
  • Staff/Employee areas
  • Schools
  • Changing rooms
  • Companies which use bulky workwear


Our metal lockers are boltless and simple to install. With specially designed components for a quick and easy assembly, they are still strong enough for extended use.

Add an unlimited number of modules for a homogeneous, visually coherent personal storage area. Professional looking and compact, they are highly-suited to a wide variety of environments.


Durable lockers offer privacy and space for personal storage needs, thanks to either a padlock or key locking system. Reliable kick-proof lift handles and a proven latching system on our lockers ensure maximum security. Their rugged, heavy-gauge steel doors are mounted in welded frames for strength and sturdiness over time.

Personal contents are kept safe and dry since the locker’s legs raise the unit, which also makes for simpler floor cleaning. Moreover, their excellent materials guarantee a long-lasting, easy-to-maintain finish that will help preserve the structure, all through a modern and attractive design.


  • Modular door compartments
  • Shelve inserts and vertical dividers for different interior space distributions
  • Reversible doors
  • Sloping tops to improve cleanliness and order
  • Two different locking systems (padlock or key)
  • Hanging bars
  • Plinth base or plain leg support


  • Complete your change room or personal storage area with our range of long-span benches.
  • Attach lockers to a wall to secure them and avoid unexpected malfunctions or tipping.
  • Measure your space carefully to install the maximum numbers of lockers in the available area.

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