Accessories for Heavy Duty Shelving

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  1. Bulk Rack Steel Deck

    Bulk Rack Steel Deck

    From $42.58
    Galvanized steel decks are supported on Bulk Rack "Z" beams. Learn More
  2. METAL POINT®PLUS Tie Plates


    From $2.62
    Simple, low-cost safety components that link the different heavy-duty shelving units helping to properly align and space them and increase their stiffness. Learn More
  3. Bulk Rack Beam Pairs

    Bulk Rack Beam Pairs

    From $26.01
    A set of struts to increase the storage area of heavy-duty shelves easily and inexpensively. Learn More
  4. Heavy Duty Rubber Mallet

    Heavy Duty Rubber Mallet

    The rubber mallet is the only tool recommended for assembling boltless shelves by Shelving Direct, because it does not damage the structure or the painted finish. Learn More
  5. Pallet Rack - Column Protector

    Pallet Rack - Column Protector

    From $61.15
    Pallet rack column protectors prevent damage against possible impacts from fork lifts. The pallet rack column protectors are available in two different color options. Each pallet rack column protector is 16" in height. Learn More
  6. Pallet Rack Element- Wire Shelv

    Pallet Rack - Wire Shelf

    From $91.77
    Pallet wire shelf is a decking surface commonly used with pallet rack units. This allows a clear view of the upper levels of the pallet racking unit. The "U" channel water fall design allows the wire shelf to sit on the step of the pallet rack beam pairs. Learn More
  7. Pallet Rack Anchor Bolts

    Pallet Rack Anchor Bolts

    Anchor bolts are used to secure the pallet rack to the floor. These anchors bolts have at least a 1/2" diameter expansion anchors that has a minimum embedment of 2-1/2". Learn More
  8. pallet rack row spacer

    Pallet Rack Row Spacer

    From $10.01
    Row spacers are designed to attach securely to pallet rack frame for aisle seperation. The row spacers are bolted to the frame's post using the same side holes that are used for the bracing of the frame. Each row spacer comes with the appropiate bolts to attach to the frames. Learn More
  9. Pallet Rack Cross Bar

    Pallet Rack Cross Bar

    From $10.76
    The Pallet Rack Cross Bars are double flanged pallet supports that assist with supporting pallet loads. These are placed between two beams and hang over the edges. Learn More
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